Young Inventors & Entrepreneurs Panel

When:  Sunday, November 13th, 3:00pm-4:00pm

Where: Meeting Room 310A at the George R. Brown Convention Center

What:  We have pulled together young inventors and entrepreneurs to be on a panel with one of their parents.  We will have a moderator with questions for the panelists for the first 45 minutes and then will provide an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.  Come hear how some of these young students got started, what barriers they came up against and what they have accomplished!

Moderator:  Greg Micek

About the Moderator:

Greg J. Micek, JD, founded the Houston Inventors Association (HIA) in March, 1983. The Young Inventors Showcase (YIS) was founded by the HIA in 1988, and Mr. Micek formally adopted it a few years later. He formally placed the YIS program into a 51.c.3, the Young Inventors Association of America (YIAA)  in 2002. Mr. Micek, formally a tax attorney, has been involved in innovation throughout his career. He acquired a patent group based on facial composite software, and has litigated against a number of technology companies in defense of his IP (see:  You can connect with Greg on LinkedIn.

Panelist:  Ethan Saadia, Sainath Krishnamurthy, Amber Kaul, Miracle Weatherspoon, Javier Fernandez-Han

About the Panelists:

Ethan Saadia is a 13 year old entrepreneur who has always been fascinated with technology. He has studied coding, graphic design, app development, micro-controllers, CAD, IoT, and computer design. Realizing that a kid oriented computer assembly kit did not exist on the market, Ethan started a company called PCs for Me when he was 10 years old to sell computer kits to kids. Given the rising popularity of learning coding and electronics with a Raspberry Pi, Ethan changed his business model to sell his kits based on the Raspberry Pi in addition to many accessories that expand its capabilities. Ethan sells his product online, and he has traveled to many events in Texas promoting STEM education.  Ethan is an exhibitor in the Maker Exhibit Hall and welcomes you to visit him in his booth.

Sainath Krishnamurthy is a blogger, designer, developer, and entrepreneur from Houston, TX. He is currently a student at the Elkins Engineering Academy in Missouri City. He is also a new-found humanitarianbio_sainath working primarily in non-profit technology and STEAM education. He is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of invent xyz, a group created to promote and support STEAM education and creative thinking throughout the country. He is currently working on a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal with a group of friends to build a school there during Spring of 2017. Sainath is the Co-founder/CEO of GrubOut, a new startup based in Houston, TX, changing the way restaurants and customers interact. He has won multiple technology and business awards from prestigious competitions. Sainath aspires to study industrial design in college.  You can follow Sainath’s latest adventures on his website

Amber Kaul is a native of Houston, Texas and lives in Katy, Texas with her family.  She is a 7th Grader at Seven Lakes Junior High School in Katy, Texas. In bio_amberkaul2015 at the Robert Shaw Center’s (RSC) Young Inventor’s Showcase in 2015 she presented a Prohibited Parking Warning System and won 3rd Place.  She also presented this invention at the city wide Young Inventor’s Showcase at the University of Houston in 2016 and won the 3rd place award.  She currently has a provisional patent obtained and patent applied for with USPTO for the Prohibited Parking Warning System.  In 2016 at the RSC’s Young Inventor’s Showcase she presented the EZ Pick Up System which won First Prize. She has obtained a provisional patent from USPTO on the EZ Pick Up System.

Miracle Weatherspoon attends Cinco Ranch Jr. High School and is an eighth grader.  Miracle became an innovator in 2014, afterbio_miracleweatherspoon having attended her first summer at the Katy ISD Robert Shaw Center (RSC), where she invented her first invention The Pedi-Flop, winning second place.  Still inspired Miracle again attended the Young Inventors Camp at the RSC where she invented the Steady Grip, winning honorable mention.  Miracle loves science and aspires to study aeronautical engineering or astronomy.

Javier Fernandez-Han began his tinkering and inventing at the age of 7.  At the age 17 he and his brother won the 2012 Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge with a contraption as a retrofit replacement wheel for bicycles to desalinate salty or brackish water.   The prototype, outfitted with a green tube running around the outside of a metal turntable, houses a desalinization unit which utilizes reverse osmosis and other processes to purify water, even saltwater.   In 2012 Javier started TEDxYouth@TheWoodlands and continues to be an organizer of the event.

Maxx Shearod is a 13-year-old entrepreneur, engineer, and yo-yo designer. He goes to River Oaks Baptist School, and he is in 8th grade. He taught himself how to yo-yo in 6th grade, won his school’s talent show in 7th, and is now the co-founder/owner of Galactic Throws, a yo-yo marketing and manufacturing company. He designs his own high-end yo-yos, and he looks to prototype and manufacture his flagship yo-yo, the Blue Moon in 2017.