Enabling the Maker Mindset at NASA

When:  Sunday, November 13th, 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Where: Meeting Room 310A at the George R. Brown Convention Center

What: The Maker has been alive and well within strata-1-cad-modelNASA since the days of Apollo, but only recently have the connected culture and affordable resources of the modern maker movement been available to the average NASA project.   At NASA we’re enabling makers to be nimble, creative, and spark innovation within initiatives. Come explore with us to see how a maker’s mindset can be enabled with a real-world strata1payload_courtesyofnasaexample like the design, fabrication and testing of the Strata-1 ISS Payload.  References:

Tech / Craft / Mindset: Innovation, Space, Experiments, Education

Speaker(s):  Chris Gerty and Lee Graham

About the Speakers

Chris Gerty is a technologist and entrepreneur, and a leading voice on the convergence of space exploration and the “maker” culture. After decades of experience on technology-intense projects in thebio_chrisgerty aerospace industry, he has developed a passion for technology both personally and professionally. He currently manages a human interfaces lab at Johnson Space Center and leads a small team to develop new ways to present detailed data to a spacewalking astronaut.  You can get more information about Chris on his webpage.

Lee Graham has over 30 years experience at NASA and several years experience in specibio_leegrahamal machine design before that.  He has held a number of positions at NASA including ISS Safety and Mission Assurance Manager, Deputy Project Manager for the Interim Control Module and JSC Acting Chief Engineer.  Most recently, he leads the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science advanced mission concept development team called the Ferret Works.