Approaching Innovation: A Perspective of Food Production

When:  Saturday, November 12th, 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Where: Meeting Room 310A at the George R. Brown Convention Center

What:  Solutions are dependent upon your approach to and perspective of the problem at hand. Many times, effective and lasting innovation occurs when a problem is exfincatresrobles-infographicplored from an entirely new or different perspective. Thomas and Daniel Garcia-Prats, Founders of Small Places LLC, discuss their perspective on agriculture, how that has driven their innovative development of Finca Tres Robles, the first privately run urban farm inside the 610 loop, and their larger vision for agriculture in Houston.  Related articles are:

Tech / Craft / Mindset: Innovation, Sustainability, Agriculture, Local Sourcing


  • Thomas Garcia-Prats, Founder, General Manager of Small Places LLC and Finca Tres Robles.
  • Daniel Garcia-Prats, Founder, Director of Operations of Small Places LLC and Finca Tres Robles

About the Speakers
Thomas has a B.A. from Providence College in Global Studies. Since graduating from college, he has spent the majority of these last five years working on farms throughout the U.S. and Central America developing a passion for farming and a desire to expand and share on his experience and knowledge. He has spent full seasons on three distinct farms learning from a small family owned organic operation in Maine, a larger organic vegetable farm in Iowa, and a large diversified agro-forestry and educational farm in Nicaragua.  Being a Houston native, he feels strongly about farming in his home town, bringing attention to the need and value of agriculture in the Houston area and focusing on how we can creatively address food access issues smallplaces-daniel_left-thomas_rightthroughout our city.

Daniel has a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University. He has over two years of manufacturing and production experience having previously worked for a Silicon Valley medical device startup and a local Houston oil and gas manufacturer. He brings creativity, operational and entrepreneurial experience, and technical know-how.  He is passionate about design and is using the farm to develop his interests in simple and efficient system design, data collection and analysis, and social entrepreneurship.

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