Power Up! Houston Kickoff Event

At the 2016 Houston Mini Maker Faire we are busting out of our Mini and growing up! The Power of Our Maker Community and the Innovation in Houston is strong and we want to emphasize this by pulling together partners, stakeholders, chambers of commerce, county and city officials into a Kickoff Event to see how we can Power Up Houston for economic development. Our Kickoff Event is only a sampling of the power that will be demonstrated at the Faire on Saturday and Sunday within our Maker Exhibit Hall, IDEAS Pitch Competition Teams, Hackathon teams, speakers on our Maker Exhibit Hall Stage and in our meeting rooms with additional Speakers & Panels, Mega Meetups and Networking Roundtables.

In our Friday Power Up Houston Kickoff Event the intent is a round-robin of perspectives in the Maker Movement and the potential impact for economic development and skilled resources in the Houston Community. For more information on this Maker Movement across the nation, The Grommet has provided an infographic that helps illustrate the impact.  There are some other parallels to this when sourcing local and sustainability within a city…a Maker City.   These perspectives include ideas generation, starting up, training, equipment, manufacturing…the community…then identifying the potential in the follow-up weekend activities for Networking Roundtable discussions and in discussions throughout the Maker Faire to connect and network to build paths to move forward. Our schedule of speakers at our Kickoff Event includes:

Friday, November 11th
12:00PM Opening Remarks by David Brunet from Innovation Spark
12:15PM Building an Innovation Network by Grace Rodriguez from Station Houston
12:30PM The Power of the Maker Community by Mike Hinkle from Innovation Spark
12:45PM A Maker’s Journey by Larry Ciscon from Northworks Automation
1:00PM Building New Talent & Mindsets by Dr. Hodges, Dr. Herod with Team HCC
1:15PM Collaboration & Skill Building within Makerspaces by Summer Reeves from TXRX Labs and Patrick Ferrell from HCPL
1:30PM Opportunities for Local Manufacturing by Chris Church from MacroFab
1:45PM What’s Happening During The Faire? by Jeanette Breton from Techno Chaos
1:55PM Open Discussion & Break. Opportunities for demonstrations or walk through Maker Exhibit Hall layout

Due to meeting room capacity our Kickoff Event is limited in attendees.  If you are interested in getting plugged into this event, please contact Jeanette Breton.