VR (Virtual Reality)

Houston Mini Maker Faire connects you to the latest most-powerful tech with the VR (Virtual Reality) exhibit area. VR is forecast to be a game-changer in education, gaming, entertainment, design, engineering, and human-machine interface. Get an early and powerful glimpse into this potential future at Maker Faire! We will have systems and demonstrations available so you can get first-hand experiences with this innovative new technology — that means you can actually wear and experience the VR goggles in many of these exhibits. Planned exhibits include:

  • skeye-mini-drone-with-hd-camera-15Drone Flying Zone by Drone Parks Worldwide: while technically not 3D at the viewer, it’s very real high-action 3D at the camera (on the drone) so it’s an amazing fun experience! This near-VR “first-person view” experience is one of the top reasons so many people are flying drones — and you can do it too at dronegogglesMaker Faire! Click here for more info about Drones at Houston Mini Maker Faire.
  • ExitusVR: combine multiplayer gaming with VR and you get — AWESOME!!! ExitusVR is a leader in the field and has the first and vr-gaming-625x350only multiplayer VR gaming room in Houston — and you can play a 2-person version of their games at Maker Faire! You’re welcome!
  • Google Expeditions: If googleexpeditionsyou’re wondering about the potential of VR for education enhancement, at scales ranging from single individuals to full classrooms, you need to experience Google google-expeditions-virtual-reality-field-tripExpeditions. It’s the VR system that’s ready for education settings now, including the largest library of true-VR content. It also provides great insight into what VR tourism will be like. This exhibition is made 20160915_205331possible and managed by event sponsor Techno Chaos, and is a great experience for teachers, librarians, parents and students.
  • The ITC Village: several VR developers will share 20160915_213058their systems in this exhibit, in a collaboration with the Immersive Technology Conference (“ITC”) and the Houston VR Club. By the way, if you want to dive deeper into VR from a business, engineering, professional or education administration perspective, we highly recommend the ITC conference on 11/14-16 at the University of Houston; you can learn more from ITC event representatives at Maker Faire. Planned exhibits for Maker Faire include:
    • Student developer Zale Bush and his own VR game “Dante’s Forest” on HTC Vive
    • Glyphic Productions and their game “Grapply” on HTC Vive demo stations
    • At least 2 demo stations from the Houston VR Club running various demo applications
    • (Tentative) View the beta of the new Sheer Industries education app on Hololens VR