drone_medicineDrones are more than just a hobby or flying machines — they sit at an incredible intersection of technology, creativity, innovation and business opportunity! Come see the amazing innovation and capability first-hand, and talk to people who design, build and fly drones right here in Houston. Jump in to one of the most amazing “VR” experiences around, drone_ringand learn why flyers are so passionate about this sport. Explore how drones can be used to create real “buzz” in STEM education. And talk to people who are starting drones-based businesses — some with global ambitions — here in Houston! Planned exhibits include:

  • drone_raceDrone Parks Worldwide: this startup business, based right here in Houston, plans to make drone flying for fun and sport possible around the world! Visit them to see what’s actually happening in drones and see a wide variety of demonstrations — and talk to people who live, breathe and fly drones….
  • Drone Flying Zone: yes, this is real! In collaboration with Drone Parks Worldwide, you can actually fly a small fully-equipped drone in this special area — perhaps even take on a flying drone1challenge or race! This area will also be fun to just visit and watch, as all the “professional” drone flying exhibitions will happen here too.
  • AceTech Drone plans to showcase some cool drone technology. We can’t wait to see it!
  • 2014052520209Creatorspace: this makerspace in the NASA area is a hotbed of drone building and engineering. Visit them and learn how a makerspace can help you make something amazing!
  • Sabine Pass ISD: this school is using a wide variety of hands-on projects to strengthen STEM education, including drones. Visit them to see great student projects and learn from their experiences.
  • TX-RX Labs: many drone flyers from around Houston build and improve their flying contraptions at TX-RX, the largest makerspace in Texas. Drop by and visit them to get more insight into what makerspaces make possible for you.