Urban Agriculture

20160924_163326There is abundant innovation in food and farming in Houston, and we’ll all be healthier for it!

Some “food for thought”: What are the benefits of hyper-local (i.e., grown right in your community) food sourcing? How is it being done successfully in Houston? How 20160424_160729can you participate, either by doing-it-yourself at home, or by lending a helping hand to urban gardens around Houston?

Our planned exhibitors will cover a wide range of topics and knowledge, ranging from organics, hydroponics, aquaponics (both large-scale and do-it-yourself backyard), micro-economics, charitable causes and much more. You might find this is easier and more accessible than you thought!

20160924_161718Teachers and educators will find a lot of information here for use in a broad range of topics back at school — plus some great field-trip ideas!

Planned exhibits include:

  • “Ace Tech”: a robot waters the garden at KIPP Sunnyside High School
  • Backyard Aquaponics: check out this maker’s real-world experience with scalable aquaponics that can easily be adapted to a corner of your backyard, or even just part of your deck.
  • Last Organic Outpost: the largest urban agriculture venture inside the loop, their operation and experience covers everything from organic waste recycling to enhance soil nutrients to large-scale aquaponics. Education outreach is offered.
  • Small Places LLC is pioneering “accessible agriculture” within the 610 Loop. Starting with their operational Finca Tres Robles farm, they have a complete set of concepts that demonstrate how urban farming can be a community-changing venture.
  • “So You Think You Can Farm?”: an inventive device by KIPP Sunnyside that helps maintain and cultivate crops
  • Tiny House: there will be a “tiny house” in the house! A real fully-build example, and you can talk to the builders. (While not actually in the Urban Agriculture theme, it’s a nice fit with the alternative options for the city this category represents so we’re listing it here.)