Health Tech

kits2Medicine and health are very big in Houston and essential to the local economy! With all this interest, focus and capability you’d expect to see innovation happening — and indeed it is, sometimes in surprising places. Visit this large new set of exhibits to see how maker technology and innovators are helping build a future of better health.

Planned exhibits currently include (note: we anticipate additions, so please check back for updates):

  • eNABLE Chapter at University of Houston: eNABLE is that amazing nonprofit foundation that is 5421861fd1ba8using 3D technology, open design and a web-based infrastructure to deliver more affordable, quality, sustainable prosthetic rehabilitative care to underserved populations of enable-the-future-3d-printedindividuals. Get upclose insight into how this work is done and the 3D-printed prosthetic hands are built at this exhibit. The Innovation Lab at the HCPL Freeman Branch Library exhibit has been helping this new eNABLE chapter get started and will have additional insights. And PolyPrinter (also an exhibitor) is loaning them a 3D printer so they can demonstrate project build activities. (Note for teachers: eNABLE projects are an excellent way to get students directly involved in how health tech innovation is happening today.)
  • Haptigo will show a navigational vest that guides pedestrians through the use of vibro-tactile sensors and a smartphone application.
  • arduphotoThe MakerHealth exhibit will include examples of health making from the MakerHealth network (hospitals and agencies across the country), which includes nursing, clinicians, patients, and caregivers. This exhibit is led by Jose Gomez-Marquez, who leads the Little Devices Lab at MIT and is recognized worldwide as an innovator in medical technologies. He will demonstrate the use of MakerHealth prototyping kits (tip to teachers and students: this is a fantastic education opportunity!) and will also discuss the MakerNurse curriculum.
  • makernurseMakerHealth Space at UTMB (Galveston) is the first makerspace in a hospital in the US! A brilliant combination of capability and opportunity capture for primary-care givers, it neosensory-macrofab-1represents real innovation in health tech and is part of the MakerHealth family of programs.
  • Neosensory (co-founded by Houston neuroscientist David Eagleman) is a wearable technology startup that is working on a product that allows deaf and hard of hearing people to perceive sound using their sense of touch through ocurhythm“sensory augmentation”.
  • OcuRhythm has  developed glasses that use light therapy to correct your circadian rhythm (which controls your sleep patterns)!
  • picowearPicowear: innovative convenient small wearable monitor to protect you and your children from overexposure to the sun.
  • The TMC Innovation Institute (aka “TMCx”) offers companies access to the resources and expertise of the largest 920x920medical center in the world to drive health and life science advancements. By uniting promising innovators with the best minds in academia, science and medicine, TMC helps companies streamline the development of therapeutic, diagnostic, medical device and digital health breakthroughs. TMCx will showcase several of its current startup projects with ideas and examples that can keep you busy for hours!