Creativity and making things can be the one of the most fun things you do! With these exhibits we prove that — so visit and stay a while….

(This is just a small sampling of our planned line-up — more updates very soon)

  • Children’s Museum of Houston will have many (!) fun learning activities. They claim they’re for kids, but we often see grown-ups having a lot of fun there too!
  • Drive A Robot
  • Fly a drone — for real! — in the Drone Flying Zone by Drone Parks Worldwide. If you ask nicely they might even let you wear their FPV (first person view) video goggles….
  • Spend a few minutes at the BuniBox booth and make your own fun short video story that you can keep for ever!
  • The TexLUG LEGO Zone will have more LEGO displays than you can shake a Texas-sized stick at! Moving trains, a moving 10′ tall crane, custom minifigs — the kid (inside you) will be very happy here!
  • Minecraft Creeper Robot (by Techno Chaos)
  • R2GN3 Astromech Robot by R2D2 Builders Club
  • The loveable insanity of the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir art car
  • Make your own soap at Feto Soap
  • Play a real multi-player VR game at the ExitUS booth (very cutting-edge, and very free because this is Maker Faire!)
  • Do some VR (Virtual Reality) tourism of top tourist sites from around the world at the Google Expeditions exhibit at the Techno Chaos booth
  • Enjoy the very latest in VR games and applications, including some games developed right here in Houston, at the ITC VR Village
  • Try to pump water by hand just like many people do every day in “third world” countries — the go see how students are trying to solve problems like this at the Power Up Houston! Hackathon
  • Many fun activities at Idea Lab Kids
  • Fun learning activities at Engineers Without Borders
  • View distant worlds — even other planets — as you take a 3D tour at the Google Expeditions Virtual Reality demo.