What’s the Big Story about Tiny Houses?

When: 4:00pm – 4:15pm both Saturday, November 12th  &  Sunday, November 13th

Where: Maker Exhibit Hall Stage at the George R. Brown Convention Center

What:  The tiny house movement is a return to houses less than 1,000 square feet, some as small as 80 square feet (7.4 m²). Building types include cottages, cabins, trailers, containers, caravans, house boats, tree houses and many more. The typical tiny house on wheels (THOWs) is usually less than 8 ft by 20 ft, with livable space totaling 120 square feet or less, for ease of towing and to exempt it from the need for a building permit.

Dream big, live tiny! Living with less is freeing – both financially and by allowing more time for personal development, community involvement and the ability to react on opportunities when they’re presented.

Speakers:  Houston Tiny House Enthusiasts

About the Speakers:  The Houston Tiny House Enthusiasts are individuals that meet bi-weekly, alternating between Round Table Meetings and Workshops. They are an open group willing hear about your ideas and experiences with simple living, and sharing discussions on everything— from environmental focuses and financial concerns, to building, parking, zoning, and more!

Our Goals as a group:

  • Supporting each other by sharing resources and knowledge
  • Working on projects together, lending a helping hand
  • Visiting builders, tiny houses and events together
  • Sharing ideas of small living and sustainability

After the Faire, you can catch-up with the Houston Tiny House Enthusiasts at one of their Meetups or follow them on Facebook.