Experience Based Education

When:  Sunday, November 13th, 12:00pm – 12:20pm

Where: Maker Exhibit Hall Stage at the George R. Brown Convention Center

Description: The Creativity Shell began as a small organization that was on a mission to bring home economics back into the educatishelancia-daniel_image004on system.  After teaching sewing classes at public locations within the Houston area, we found a lack of common, practical skills among a large number of students.  It nearly became impossible to teach children to sew because they lacked the skills necessary to thread a needle.  We could not allow children to cut fabric because they did not know how to hold a pair of scissors.  In addition to the lack of practical skills, there were also many emotional skills that needed to be addressed.  Mshelancia-daniel_image008any children lacked decision making skills, patience, coping mechanisms and most of all their innate ability to receive instant gratification needed to be addressed.  Our simple sewing class had to be transformed into a well rounded experience based education class that would address many hidden needs of our current generation of children…

Tech / Craft / Mindset:  Sewing, Skills, Experience-Based Learning

Speaker:  Shelancia Daniel

About the Speaker:

Shelancia Daniel is the founder and executive director of nonprofit creativity firm, the Creativity Shell.  She holds a Technical Diploma in Costume Design, a Bachelors Degree in Finance and is currently working o n a Master’s Degree in Educatishelancia-daniel_image003onal Psychology (Creativity & Cognition) at Texas A&M. Shelancia has worked in the non-profit sector since she was 12 years old and has worked as a costume/custom bra designer for the last 16 years. Shelancia uses her vast creativity and experience in sewing/textiles arts to design and teach educational programs to K-12 students for the Creativity Shell. Through the Creativity Shell, Shelancia hopes to help the organization fulfill its mission to use creative trades to educate and inspire the next generation of makers.

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