When we looked up the number of teacher registrations we already had for the Houston Mini Maker Faire, we felt compelled to help teachers connect at the Faire with others interested in the same things, so…we are initiating an EdCamp to happen at the Faire!

And of course, I’m sure there will be groups interested in makerspaces and making activities…at what best place then at a Maker Faire!  Everything is Faire game:  the Maker Exhibit Hall, Mega Meetups, Networking Roundtables, Exhibit Hall Stage, observing the IDEAS Pitch Competition & the Power Up Houston Hackathon and even the Sessions & Panels if a group chooses!  Everything is an opportunity for learning what can be brought back to your school or library!

The flow of EdCamp will be preserved where we will all meet together in the morning.  For more information on the format of an EdCamp check out this short video.  Our EdCamp will pretty much run the same way where we will host a Teacher/Librarian Huddle in a Meeting Room at the GRB before the Faire from 9:00AM to 10:00AM.  During this huddle we can all post what we are interested in discovering.  Individuals will be grouped by similar interests they posted and we will use hashtags like #EdCampHMMF so we can follow discussions.  Then based on the sessions and exhibits available, groups can determine how they want to go about their day at the Faire.  We do ask for individuals to step up as facilitators to capture the moments in their group and send out via social media for our campers!

PLEASE make sure to register for HMMF preferably online before Thursday, November 9th.  There are FREE tickets for Teachers & Librarians for one day at the Faire and you just need to bring your printed ticket with your school ID. 

Anyone interested or need more info, please contact Jeanette Breton for where we will be meeting Saturday morning @ 9AM.  We will also be using #EdCampHMMF for communication.

We are hoping to have breakfast for you and are looking for a sponsor.  If you have someone interested in sponsoring our breakfast, send them Jeanette’s way!