Electrical Circuits Hands-On Workshop

Session:  Electrical Circuits Hands-On Workshop


  • Saturday, Nov 12th, 11:00AM-11:55AM [Teachers / Librarians Only]
  • Saturday, Nov 12th, 1:00PM-1:55PM [Ages 8+]
  • Saturday, Nov 12th, 2:00PM-2:55PM [Ages 8+]
  • Saturday, Nov 12th, 3:00PM-3:55PM [Ages 8+]

Where: Discovery Zone in Maker Exhibit Hall

Time required: 55 minutes

Capacity Limit:  10 per session; More for Teacher / Librarian session.  First come, first-serve basis.  There will be a Sign-Up Sheet available before each session at the Discovery Zone.

Description: How does a speaker work?  How does a buzzer work?  How does a burglar alarm work?  Learn how to build a real circuit based on a circuit diagram.  In this workshop, participants will (1) work with everyday parts to make an electromagnet,  (2) connect batteries, LED, switch and buzzer based on circuit diagrams to understand open and closed circuits (3) build a trigger for a burglar alarm, and (4) use this knowledge and skill to make a working burglar alarm.circtpart

No soldering is required for this workshop.  No prior electrical knowledge required.


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Tech / Craft / Mindset: Circuits, Electricity, Reading electrical symbols

About The Expert:  After 37 years of industrial experiencedavid-sproles as a mechanical Engineer, David Sproles has retired and started providing hands-on training to a new generation of future engineers and technicians.  Individuals can connect with David after their workshop through email: dasproles@hotmail.com