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Are You Ready For This? Volunteer At The World’s Largest Robotics Championship

Confetti_shotFIRST® Robotics is the oldest and largest robotics education program in the world — and it is celebrating its 25th anniversary by bringing its Championship to Houston. The event happens April 19-22, 2017 and it’s so huge it will fill all of the GRB — plus Minute Maid Park! This roboticsfirstcompetitionevent is a deep dive into STEM education as high-challenge, high-energy, high-impact inspirational fun! Don’t expect something simple, quiet and sedate here; rather, this is fully-engaging chaotic high-speed enthusiastic “sport for the mind”. If you want to see how education programs can inspire and build the FRC crowdleaders of the future, we can think of no better example than FIRST Robotics. We encourage everyone to attend, especially families and educators (bonus: attendance is free, and there are many other interesting things here too in addition to robotics!)

The best way to get the full experience of this dynamic event is to volunteer. Roles are available for a few hours, a full day — and even the full event. Thousands of volunteers are needed to support an event of this scale, and technical knowledge is not required (but can be useful in certain roles, so let them know when you register). Please make arrangements to spend some time as a volunteer at the event — you’ll be helping K-12 students from all around the world. But you’ll benefit too — inspiration is infectious around all this creative energy and enthusiasm!

To volunteer: please review this brief page and click on the VIMS link in the “HOW TO APPLY FOR A VOLUNTEER ROLE” section. (FIRST is a 501(c)(3) non profit charity.) Even better, volunteer at the FIRST Championship, plus one or more of the local events detailed below.

Building The Future, One Robot At A Time

20160728_130814Do you hear those tools busily working away? That’s 100’s of local teams building their robots, getting ready for competition  events coming very soon. Do you feel that excitement in the air? That’s 1,000’s of local students participating in those projects, getting energized about the future as they learn from their own experiences the great power of imagination and engineering.

These robotics education programs are literally building innovators, engineers and leaders of the future. Might you be able to provide a few hours of volunteer support to help? The great thing about this volunteer opportunity is that you’ll actually benefit the most as you come away energized and inspired by what you see and learn at the event! Most of the volunteer roles don’t require any technical or engineering knowledge — just a willingness to help. But if you have deep technical skills, there’s a need for that too. Either way there are many  opportunities and it’s a great way to spend part or all of a day. And this will be a “game-changing” year for educational robotics competitions in Houston — more about that in an upcoming post — so it’s a great time to get involved.

Here’s an overview of upcoming events with volunteer opportunities — please look into them and register to help as a volunteer:

The students, teachers and mentors working in these teams appreciate your time and support!