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Power Up! Houston

dsc_2981Houston is the city of “Can Do”, full of inventors, engineers and ideas! But getting an idea from the drawing board to the market can be a daunting task. To break through these challenges and help the Houston community build the future, we’re introducing a new exhibit to Maker Faire: the “Power Up! Houston” Pavilion! This centralized exhibit will bring together suppliers and manufacturers with entrepreneurs and inventors. Representing a cross section of Houston small-batch manufacturers, parts and materials suppliers, the Pavilion participants aims to educate attendees on the services they provide, what is required to submit jobs, and the best way to leverage their services.

There is a strong growing need for local prototyping and manufacturing services coming from makers, inventors and startups. The point of this Pavilion is to include you as manufacturers and suppliers in development of this community (which will lead to more business) and to give you the opportunity to develop a clear understanding of this emerging local market. So, if you’re a “supply-side” provider of project manufacturing and services, register to exhibit in the Pavilion and get connected with the future of Houston. If you’re a do-er with big ideas, whether crafter, artist, inventor, maker or entrepreneur, attend Houston Mini Maker Faire for this empowering access to people who can help you achieve your ambitions.

Click here for more info about the Power Up! Houston Pavilion.

Get Ready To Munch!

IMG_4273smlIMG_4280smlWhen you’re putting on Houston’s outstanding exhibition of creativity, invention and inspiration, you’ve got to have excellent food to go along with it. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce these amazing food trucks plan to be at the Houston Mini Maker Faire on Saturday at the Stafford Centre:
  • The Waffle Bus,
  • Monster PB&J,
  • Zeapod Cakery,
  • Mr. Sizzles Curbside,
  • Le’s Baget,
  • Koagie Hots
  • Skratch Food Truck.


And we ordered up some fabulous weather too! Come on out and feed your mind and inspire your taste buds!



Maker Intro #10: Crafting Galore at Houston Mini Maker Faire!









Yes, there’s a lot of cool tech at the Houston Mini Maker Faire — but we have a lot of great crafting with hands-on activities too — including some amazing vendors! So drop on in and:

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