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The Power of Innovation at Maker Faire

mmh-i-make-rgbWhen’s a good time to start innovating? Now! Who can be an innovator? You! Where’s a good place to get started innovating? A local makerspace! You’ve probably noticed that technology has become both very powerful and highly empowering. Using your creativity and this powerful technology, YOU can become one of the world’s leading innovators! And a great place to get started is a local makerspace, with experience, resources, tools and — especially — community to help you take those first steps into uncharted territory. Check out this blog now, then come learn about the amazing vibrant growing makerspace scene around Houston at Houston Mini Maker Faire (@ GRB 11/12-13) — then start planning how to realize your most creative ideas….

Building The Future Of STEM Education

20150523_101006We can all imagine a world in the future full of technical marvels and improvements to quality of life. But who will design and build that future? Preparing our youth to be the creators of that amazing future is the focus of many education strategies, including STEM, STEAM, computational thinking / technical literacy, and makerspace education. Clearly there’s a lot going on in education today! That’s why we focus on important elements of STEM and STEAM education each year, and offer Houston Mini Maker Faire as the best showcase of makerspace education available in Texas. Read the full blog on this topic here to gain deeper insight into our plans for Maker Faire.

dsc_2907Think of Maker Faire as a smorgasbord or buffet, full of interesting options and choices. The information and experiences at Houston Mini Maker Faire can give you better insight into what to invest your valuable time and money into, to achieve your objectives for education. This is useful both for parents who are confronted with so many options for kits, after-school classes, camps and so on — and for teachers, librarians and administrators trying to make informed decisions about how to best set up a makerspace or similar at their facility, and what programs and experiences to use to increase the impact of STEM education.

dsc_2779And what’s really impressive about Houston Mini Maker Faire is the scale and variety of exhibits (read the full blog to get insights into the many new topic areas planned for this year’s event!) In many cases you can try the examples out, right at Maker Faire! Another thing that’s very unique about Maker Faire is that it’s more about showing and sharing than selling. You don’t have to worry about being pursued by vendors; instead, in most cases, you can talk directly with the expert — the person who actually did the work — right there at the event! And of course, Houston Mini Maker Faire is about much more than STEM education — you could easily find great highly-useful ideas built by an artist or innovator who wasn’t even thinking about education impact at the time! So put your “explorer hat” on and come out and see how all these bright minds have put together examples of creativity, education and inspiration!

Power Up! Houston

dsc_2981Houston is the city of “Can Do”, full of inventors, engineers and ideas! But getting an idea from the drawing board to the market can be a daunting task. To break through these challenges and help the Houston community build the future, we’re introducing a new exhibit to Maker Faire: the “Power Up! Houston” Pavilion! This centralized exhibit will bring together suppliers and manufacturers with entrepreneurs and inventors. Representing a cross section of Houston small-batch manufacturers, parts and materials suppliers, the Pavilion participants aims to educate attendees on the services they provide, what is required to submit jobs, and the best way to leverage their services.

There is a strong growing need for local prototyping and manufacturing services coming from makers, inventors and startups. The point of this Pavilion is to include you as manufacturers and suppliers in development of this community (which will lead to more business) and to give you the opportunity to develop a clear understanding of this emerging local market. So, if you’re a “supply-side” provider of project manufacturing and services, register to exhibit in the Pavilion and get connected with the future of Houston. If you’re a do-er with big ideas, whether crafter, artist, inventor, maker or entrepreneur, attend Houston Mini Maker Faire for this empowering access to people who can help you achieve your ambitions.

Click here for more info about the Power Up! Houston Pavilion.

Come Meet Your Makerspaces!


Makerspaces are places where knowledge and tools are shared and community is built. Where you can go to create and invent using the latest cool technologies and/or traditional crafts, or just hang out with really inspirational people and learn new things. See why people think a Makerspace is where you can build your mind and creativity like you build your body and health at a gym. Maker Faire is the one event of the year where you can walk up to and visit with every public Makerspace‬ in the Houston area to learn more about them. Makerspace locations are shown on the Houston-area map above. Click on the Makerspace name for a link to their website; click on the map to see a larger clearer version.

Support Your Local Makerspace

Support your local makerspace — those cool places where you can get together with other innovative creative people and share resources, ideas and projects. Makerspaces large and small will be a feature of this year’s Houston Mini Maker Faire, with several emerging ones on display. Check them out and see how they can help you and your family take the next step in Making!
   Makerspaces planning to appear at Houston Mini Maker Faire (and their typical interest areas) include:
Creatorspace (NASA/Clear Lake/Webster)
Houston Makerspace (Central Houston)
Katy Makerspace (Katy)
post studio projects (Central Houston)
Proto Makerspace (Spring / The Woodlands)
Techno Chaos (SW & West Houston / Sugar Land / Fort Bend County, with a special focus on youth)
TX/RX Labs (Houston)




Maker Intro #8: Creatorspace


After Maker Faire, where can you go to connect with the enthusiasm, ingenuity and community of Making? To your local makerspace / hackerspace, of course!
Many spaces will be at our event, including the fast-growing Creatorspace located in the NASA/Webster area. Their members will have a wide variety of creations


You think this will launch my Toyota?

on display, including a 5,000-lb-thrust (!!!) homemade rocket engine, a wide variety of multi-rotor copters (including one made of bamboo), a large-format 3D printer, and many fun projects you’re sure to enjoy. Be sure to visit with them and be prepared to spend some time in their booth….


Browse their website to learn more about Creatorspace. And check back here as we blog about more of the large group of makerspaces that will be on display at the Houston Mini Maker Faire.