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Creativity Is Fun!

20161003_133517One of the reasons we all enjoy creativity is it can be so much fun! And no one knows that better than makers who use creativity to express themselves through artistry, Cosplay, Scifi and Fantasy. Some of these projects are simple, but some are very complex and use a lot of advanced technology. This BuyTicksyear Houston Mini Maker Faire (Sat & Sun, 11/12-13 @ GRB Hall A) will have more cosplay exhibits than ever before, and several learning 20141005_134405 (small)sessions where you can gain knowledge about how to do projects yourself. Click here for more information about the planned exhibits on the theme of Cosplay, Scifi and Fantasy.

Discount tickets are available online (click on the “Buy Tickets” button) but are ending soon — enter discount code Max2 at the “Enter promotional code” link for half-off on the ticketing web page.

Maker Intro #7: TexLUG Builds Large and Small With LEGO® Bricks

There's fun for all ages at TexLUG's large exhibits built with LEGO® bricks

There’s fun for all ages at TexLUG’s large exhibits built with LEGO® bricks

Jared Burks makes custom parts for LEGO® minifigures

Jared Burks makes custom parts for LEGO® minifigures

While some think of LEGO® bricks as a child’s toy, TexLUG knows these ubiquitous objects are an unlimited art and design medium. TexLUG (short for “Texas LEGO® User’s Group”) will exhibit what advanced builders can do, ranging from amazingly realistic 3D recreations and imaginative designs — to extraordinarily large machines you’ll have to see to believe!

And in a related exhibit, Jared Burks (from Fine Clonier) will show multiple techniques for LEGO brick customization, including pressure casting, vacuum forming and production of miniature decals. Jared uses these methods to make custom parts for LEGO® minifigures, but they’re very useful for other hobbies and desktop manufacturing too.

TexLUG will have an area stocked with LEGO bricks to play and build with too. This is a fun area for all ages — so drop by, chat with this group of talented makers, and stay a while!