Building For The Future at Maker Faire

We’re so pleased with how the Houston Mini Maker Faire (11/12-13 @ GRB) is shaping up — it’s going to be so — GOOD! Now’s a great time for good — for you, your family, the community. Learning is good; creating new things is good; sharing, of course, is very good! And Maker Faire is full of these things and more, as it celebrates so many things that are good about us as humans, our communities — and Houston. We encourage you to come and visit with us, enjoy all this goodness, stay a while — and go away inspired!

If you’ve never been to a Maker Faire before, you’re in for a real treat — so many new things to learn and do! But even if you’ve been to one — or many — there will be so much new to see and experience here that you’ll be very glad you came. And you will be part of making this event a real showcase for the community. This year we make a big step forward as we gear up for 10,000 attendees with over 200 exhibits over 2 days! And our strategic goal is to attract more than 25,000 annually to Houston Maker Faire by 2020 — come be part of this growth story!

We advocate the Maker Movement philosophy that learning new things is a human need; being creative with our imagination, gifts and skills is one of the most fulfilling things humans can do; and making (building) our creations helps both ourselves and the community. So, whether it’s art or slick engineering, traditional crafts or latest high-tech, we believe that making is all-around goodness, and we want to share it with you.

This is our exhibition for Houston. Don’t think this is just hobbies or “geekery” — the Maker Movement has an impressive tech resume, for example, including such things as desktop 3D printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, desktop CNC tools, 3D-printed prosthetics, the new generation of VR, drones/UAVs and many IoT toolsets. It’s changing education, corporate innovation and development methodologies, entertainment, startup businesses, medicine and many more fields. But it can be just for fun too — one of the best things about making is it’s what you want it to be, as long as you’re active, creative and constructive!

Perhaps the most important point is — making, and therefore Maker Faire — is for everyone. And yes, it’s GOOD for you!