How To Be An Exhibitor @ HMMF 2016

We really appreciate everyone who wants to be a Maker/Exhibitor at Houston Mini Maker Faire, because your ingenuity and passion are helping us spread the inspiration for imagining, creating and doing throughout the Greater Houston Area! So we’re doing everything we can to make this simple and fun for you. Here’s a summary of what’s involved in being a Maker/Exhibitor in this event:

  • Be a Maker by making one or more interesting projects, activities or items to share with the attendees (or items to sell)
  • Plan ahead to be at the event at GRB Hall A all day Saturday and Sunday 11/12-13/2016
  • Register early so you can take advantage of our *New Programs* to help you pay for exhibit expenses, or at least by 10/16/2016 so we allocate booth space for you
  • Attend at least one of the Maker orientation sessions we’ll arrange in September and October to help you prepare (Maker Faire veterans are always welcome but can skip this if time doesn’t allow attendance)
  • (Optional) Prepare any information materials (e.g., brochures, hand-outs, banners) and/or hands-on activities you want to have at your booth
  • Pay the utility service fees in advance (electrical hookup if needed) or at the event (Internet wifi). Note: we’re working on ways to further reduce these fees for non-commercial exhibitors. The event is covering all the other costs.
  • If you’re a commercial seller, pay the appropriate booth fees
  • Arrange for help in your booth if needed (the event can provide short-term assistance for bio breaks and such, if needed). There are arrangements for booth volunteers get into the event free!
  • Set-up on Friday (9 am – 9 pm) or Saturday morning; be ready by 9 am Saturday in any case
  • Be ready to have amazing fun each day as you interact with many many people young and old who are interested in what you did and how you did it. Share with them the Joy of Making. This is what Maker Faire is all about — be prepared to be energized and inspired yourself!
  • Take care of yourself during the event — have some water and get some snacks during the day. And if you arranged help, get out when you can and look at what other Makers have done and talk to them too. Make connections and get ideas for your next cool project!
  • Take pics and blog and post throughout the day.
  • Each day when the event closes, take a deep breath and a few minutes to think about all you did and learned during that incredible day!
  • Then it’s time to pack up and head out — the goal is to be out by 8 pm, 9 at the latest.
  • Get home safely and get some rest. And then blog and post some more the following day while all the buzz and excitement about the event is going on. Tell the world something big happened in Houston and that’s it’s coming again in 2017!
  • Respond to the Maker Event Survey you receive by email the week after the event.

Thanks again from all your fellow volunteers in the Houston Mini Maker Faire team!

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