Reasons To Exhibit @ HMMF 2016: Makers

Young Inventors from CMHWe’re so excited to see the Maker registrations coming in. A great mix of new interesting exhibits — along with many of the “old favorites”. And it’s just getting started!


2014052520209Are you thinking about joining us as a Maker exhibitor? We still have plenty of room for you! Whether you have new tech, old-world craftsmanship, art, urban gardening, special food items (not for sale, though), handiwork, sewn items, e-textiles, blown or stained glass, wood work, hobby models, science projects, inventions, machines, art cars or vehicles, or any other type of creation you or a small team have built, Maker Faire is the place to show it and share it with Houston. Here are some great reasons for exhibiting at Maker Faire:

  • You’ve made something cool and you just want to show it to others, whether it’s to inspire, stimulate thought, get feedback — or even to brag! If you cared about it while you made it, it will fit right in at our event. Hint: even the 50th time you hear “that’s so cool” it’s still exhilarating!
  • You know the joy and satisfaction of being a Maker and you want to inspire others to get involved in this virtuous cycle of learning, dreaming and doing.
  • You have Maker-type skills that you want to share with more people through demonstrations and examples so they can build interesting and useful projects too.
  • You want to help us build a foundation of Maker-type “21st Century” skills in the Houston metro community to grow its creativity, innovation and competitiveness for the future.

Go ahead — take the leap — and join us as a Maker exhibitor at the Houston Mini Maker Faire on 11/12-13/2016. You can register on the Maker tab of this website. And if this is your first Maker Faire as an exhibitor, we’ll make sure you’re prepared to have a fantastic weekend with us!

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