We’re Famous!

FunForAllWell…, almost. But there’s a great photo blog of the Houston Mini Maker Faire posted on the main Maker Faire website. This set of 12 pics shows many of the event highlights.


Also, Alyssa Foley, a reporter from Houston Community College, published this write-up about our event.




Are You Ready For Maker Faire?

Screen-shot-2014-09-20-at-1_47_40-PMAre you ready for the Houston Mini Maker Faire? If you believe “learning” and “fun” belong in the same sentence, we are the place for you: Saturday 11/1/14, 10a – 5p @ the Stafford Centre. For first-timers, see why the most common feedback we receive is “that was amazing! I didn’t know there was anything like this!” For Maker Faire veterans, we have many new exciting exhibits plus a lot of your “old favorites”. 2014052520209Activities, learning how those cool inventions are actually built, “Science in the Movies”, craft items you can buy for special gifts, food trucks — and a lot of things we’re keeping secret so your day will be full of discovery and delight. Parking is free and traffic is quick too! Click here for a full listing of exhibits, vendors, shows/presentations and food trucks.
make-your-own-soapWe’ll see you at Houston Mini Maker Faire!



Get Ready To Munch!

IMG_4273smlIMG_4280smlWhen you’re putting on Houston’s outstanding exhibition of creativity, invention and inspiration, you’ve got to have excellent food to go along with it. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce these amazing food trucks plan to be at the Houston Mini Maker Faire on Saturday at the Stafford Centre:
  • The Waffle Bus,
  • Monster PB&J,
  • Zeapod Cakery,
  • Mr. Sizzles Curbside,
  • Le’s Baget,
  • Koagie Hots
  • Skratch Food Truck.


And we ordered up some fabulous weather too! Come on out and feed your mind and inspire your taste buds!



Support Your Local Makerspace

Support your local makerspace — those cool places where you can get together with other innovative creative people and share resources, ideas and projects. Makerspaces large and small will be a feature of this year’s Houston Mini Maker Faire, with several emerging ones on display. Check them out and see how they can help you and your family take the next step in Making!
   Makerspaces planning to appear at Houston Mini Maker Faire (and their typical interest areas) include:
- Creatorspace (NASA/Clear Lake/Webster)
- Houston Makerspace (Central Houston)
- post studio projects (Central Houston)
- Proto Makerspace (Spring / The Woodlands)
- Techno Chaos (SW & West Houston / Sugar Land / Fort Bend County, with a special focus on youth)
- TX/RX Labs (Houston)




Get Ready for Maker Faire!

SIMatSchool_smlScreen-shot-2014-09-20-at-1_47_40-PM20141005_134405 (small)




We have an amazing Houston Mini Maker planned for you, including the award-winning “Science in the Movies“.  This will be the most informative and inspirational event of the year in Houston, with exhibits and activities for ages 4 through 104.

Here are our top actions to help you prepare to visit us at the Stafford Centre on Saturday November 1:

Overview of the full exhibit line-up

Purchase advance tickets online for the best discounts (info)

Volunteer to help and get free entry to Maker Faire

Teachers Get In Free!

Why Attend The Houston Mini Maker Faire?

MF13_Stickers_WeAreAllMakersLet’s get right to the point: we were all born to be learners and creators, but sometimes this gets lost in the rush and distractions of modern life. If you want to get back in touch with your inner passion to learn / create / design / build / make, Maker Faire is the place for you! Here you can see real projects, real experiences and activities, made by real people who might even live on your street. While there are some cool things to purchase if you want, Maker Faire is outstandingly about learning and doing. If you’ve never been to a Maker Faire before, you’ve never seen anything like this! Simply put, this will be the most informative and inspirational event of the year in Houston.

Key signs you’re ready for Maker Faire:

  • You’ve heard about cool things Makers are doing and want to learn how to do it yourself
  • Your attention span is longer than 6 seconds or 140 characters
  • You’re sure there’s more to life than what you can see on a screen
  • You’ve heard about some amazing new tech thing and you want to see it for real
  • You’re a student and you want to actually use, apply and experience things you’ve learned in the classroom
  • You fear going to exhibitions and shows because you don’t want to be chased by people trying to sell you things

 Click here for a full list of exhibits, activities and events at the Houston Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at the Stafford Centre.

Click here to purchase tickets (maximum discounts are in effect through 10/24/14)

Maker Intro #11: “Science in the Movies” Headlines HMMF14!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’re back to announce we will present multiple showings of “Science in the Movies” at this year’s Houston Mini Maker Faire! Presented live and in person by Steve Wolf, an active stunt and special effects professional and recent winner of a national “STEM Presenter of the Year” award, this show is a fascinating in-person exploration into how science and engineering are used to create the effects that thrill us in movies.
Come see how “fun” and “learning” really do go together!
(There’s no extra charge to attend this show, set in the Stafford Centre’s excellent Theatre facility.)


Maker Registration Completed



Thanks to the Maker Community across the Greater Houston Area! With your help and participation we’ve grown more than 50% both in the number of booths and maker/exhibitors. Overall we’re planning 84 exhibit booths representing 260 makers plus 6 outstanding food trucks! These are the ingredients for a great show on 11/1/2014 at the Stafford Centre and we’re very excited to share it with our neighbors across Houston and beyond!

The first posting of detailed information about the exhibitors in the Houston Mini Maker Faire 2014 is now on the Info page.

Maker Intro #10: Crafting Galore at Houston Mini Maker Faire!









Yes, there’s a lot of cool tech at the Houston Mini Maker Faire — but we have a lot of great crafting with hands-on activities too — including some amazing vendors! So drop on in and:

1e839e1da2a38967753361c2022449b4_large make-your-own-soap

Maker Intro #9: Changing the Game with ROBLOX

apocalypse-rising Can a video game developer be a Maker? Definitely! ROBLOX (both an exhibitor and sponsor at Houston Mini Maker Faire) will demonstrate this as many of their teenage Houston-area developers show their online gaming creations for you to learn from and enjoy. This could be a “game-changing” experience!