Thanks For A Great 2015!

20151114_132722We thank everyone who participated in and attended our recent Houston Mini Maker Faire: attendees, volunteers — and especially the sponsors and exhibitors/makers! You helped us make this an outstanding event with something for everyone, and whet our appetites for more. That’s why we’re making preparations for the 2016 event, and we plan to make it even bigger and better. We’ll announce details as soon as we can.

We have a lot to be thankful for as we look back on 2015. Please take a few minutes to check out these event highlights from the “official” website. With 134 registered exhibits — many with multiple things to show and share — we could only cover a small fraction in this overview, but we were so impressed with everything we saw as we worked with the exhibitors and makers during the event. Thanks again — and we wish you the very best in 2016!

Fun and Learning at Houston Mini Maker Faire

Whether you joined us in person on our big day (11/14/2015) or are seeing this for the first time, you’ll enjoy this overview of the recent Houston Mini Maker Faire. The video is a quick summary of many of the exhibits at our event, with a special focus on the unique content shown by Houston Community College (HCC). And, frankly, we just can’t get enough of Larry the Lounge Lobster and the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir!….   ;-}

(Thanks to Gina Monteleone from Stafford Municipal/Educational TV for producing this video.)

A nice recap of our 2015 Event.

Thanks to everyone that joined us today. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Setup on November 13th, 2015.


Day of the Event November 14th, 2015

How Rockets Fly by Tripoli Houston Rocketry Club

Startup Show Case – Arovia

Are You Ready For Houston Mini Maker Faire?

Come join us for a day full of imagination and inspiration! Saturday 11/14 10a-5p @ George R. Brown Convention Center Hall B3.





Feed Your Mind At Houston Mini Maker Faire!


How do you describe an event with really interesting things to do and learn for all ages? With fascinating traditional crafts — and the latest tech even the uber-geeks haven’t seen yet? Where families come for the kids — but stay for the parents? Cool things to discover around every corner, and lots of hands-on activities? Special things to buy like hand-crafted gifts, tech kits and tools? With 130 booths and 250 exhibitors? That’s easy — it’s the Houston Mini Maker Faire at the George R. Brown Convention Center (Hall B3 — and yes, we’re filling all of it!) on Saturday, 11/14 from 10 am to 5 pm. If you’ve never been to a Maker Faire, it can be a bit difficult to explain — think of it as part old-time country fair mixed with a good slice of science fair with a fun side to it. Many first-timers say “I had no idea — that was so much fun!” And with ticket prices only $6 to $12, we’ve made it so easy to drop by, check it out and stay a while. We’ll see you this Saturday at Houston Mini Maker Faire!



Planting Seeds For The Future — The “Teachers Get In Free” Program

A growing consensus is emerging nationally around the importance of what’s now described as “21st Century Skills” — creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. Houston Mini Maker Faire, our own local festival of creativity and invention, is an excellent exhibition of these very things both applied and in action. We have a lot of inspirational things to show and share with our neighbors in Houston! Therefore, to help all the hard-working teachers further inform and inspire the next generation, we invite them to attend our event for free. But they must register in advance by “purchasing” a ticket on the ticketing website, select the “Teachers Get In Free” ticket type (cost = $0), bring their printed ticket receipt to the event and show their teacher’s ID at the check-in. Then go ahead and “enjoy the show” — and take a few notes along the way….



Help Us Spread The Word About Houston Mini Maker Faire 2015

HMMF2015_Poster_v5r2_smlIn just a few short weeks Houston Mini Maker Faire will be here! Please help us make sure more people learn about this informative and inspirational event by telling your family, friends and colleagues. We are a 501c3 nonprofit charity focused on STEM education to build 21st century skills all round the greater Houston area — it’s an important objective and anything you can do will help. Post about it on social media; broadcast it in emails; print posters and put them up at work, school and bulletin boards at coffee and bagel shops, the student centers, libraries, etc.; talk about it “over the water cooler” in the office. Here’s our info and media “kit” to fuel the broadcast (click on the links to access the information):

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you on Saturday 11/14 @ GRB Hall B3!

Come Meet Your Makerspaces!


Makerspaces are places where knowledge and tools are shared and community is built. Where you can go to create and invent using the latest cool technologies and/or traditional crafts, or just hang out with really inspirational people and learn new things. See why people think a Makerspace is where you can build your mind and creativity like you build your body and health at a gym. Maker Faire is the one event of the year where you can walk up to and visit with every public Makerspace‬ in the Houston area to learn more about them. Makerspace locations are shown on the Houston-area map above. Click on the Makerspace name for a link to their website; click on the map to see a larger clearer version.

What You Can See And Do At Maker Faire


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We’ve been working to get information published about what we plan to have for you to see and do at Houston Mini Maker Faire (purchase tickets at advance discount pricing through 10/25). You can find our excellent starting list on the Event Info page. But to understand that info better, here’s a description key for the “Maker Category” column (listed here in alphabetical order). Review this for some idea of what you can see and do at our event and compare it to the lists at Event Info to understand what specific Maker/Exhibitors plan to show:

  • 3D Printing: this core tool of Making and smart manufacturing will be extensively on display with applications, products and education
  • Activities: hands-on activities for attendees are planned
  • Aircraft: flying machines other than rockets and UAVs.
  • Arts: hand-made items usually on a larger scale using different media than Crafts
  • Cosplay Making: a modern update to crafting arts using new materials and technologies for costumes and disguise
  • Crafts: the traditional hand-made arts; expect to see an interesting variety here, including holiday-themed items
  • Developers: coding/programming is Making when it’s creative and inventive. Demos and learning sessions across a wide variety of languages and platforms will be in the mix.
  • Engineering: we have abundant real-world examples of how to apply engineering in hobbyist, educational and professional contexts, and you can talk to the people who did it
  • Entertainment: some things are just for fun!
  • E-Textiles: the exciting combination of technology and clothing — for decoration, communication, health monitoring, and more.
  • Games: people have been creatively designing games for thousands of years, and Makers are still doing it now. Some Makers will let you play with their games.
  • Girls in STEM: these Makers provide practical examples and recommendations for girls excelling in STEM education.
  • Hobbies: a favorite form of Making for generations, we plan to have many different hobbies for you to see and learn from.
  • Health: developments related to medicine, bioscience and health monitoring, including wearable tech and devices
  • Inventing: the spirit of invention is core to DIY and Maker Faire — the concept that your ideas matter and you can design and make things that will be useful to yourself and other people. We showcase invention throughout this event, so you can see real-world results and talk to the creative minds that brought the ideas to life.
  • IoT: we’re just at the beginning of the Internet of Things revolution — come see inventions, components and tools that Makers and inventors are working with in this world-changing space.
  • Items For Sale: it’s not necessary to spend another dime after you get into Maker Faire, but there will be many amazing things made by Makers available to purchase if you’re so inclined, and we do expect some holiday-themed items too.
  • Kickstarter: many great ideas and businesses are launched with this service now — talk to people who have used it and learn from their experience.
  • Makerspace: communities and places for sharing knowledge and tools; a hotbed for 21st century invention and startups.
  • Maker Services: services such as rapid prototyping, contract 3D printing and such to help Makers and engineers turn ideas into products
  • Makerspace/Maker Tools: makerspaces need smart advanced tools, and many leading-edge examples will be on display
  • Microcontrollers (aka “Arduino/RPi”): Arduino, Raspberry Pi, TI Launchpad, BeagleBone, Snapdragon — these small but power computer systems are bringing “power to the people”, fueling inventions and creativity. We’re including electronics in this category too.
  • Minecraft: one of the most popular video games ever, and also a useful tool for STEM education including programming, 3D design, robotics, etc.
  • Presentation: many presentations will be offered covering a range of how-to and learnings-gained topics
  • Robotics: a pillar of hands-on learning and STEM education, there will be a huge variety of robots on display, ranging from simple basic units to large, powerful, complex models.
  • Rocketry: building and launching rockets large and small
  • Science: check out these exhibits for practical examples of how science knowledge was developed and used.
  • Space: citizen science is reaching into space as new technologies and developments put space within the reach of private teams. Includes near-space/upper-atmosphere projects.
  • Sponsor: these Makers and businesses are investing strongly in the future skills and viability of the community — please visit their booths and show your appreciation!
  • Sports: technology is making inroads into everything, including improving the safety and performance of athletes. Jocks and geeks of the world unite!
  • Startup: small new businesses with innovative products and concepts. Many are born in the Maker Movement or with Maker Tools. Showcasing startups is a focus for our event this year. Come talk to the teams and see their brilliant inventions.
  • Sustainability: Making the planet a better place to live and addressing future basic human needs using innovative ideas, systems and products. Includes “Renewables”.
  • STEM Education: many Makers and exhibits will show practical methods and examples of how to increase the engagement in and impact of STEM education for grades K-12.
  • Teacher Education: inspirational teachers build the future, and we want to inspire and equip you to help your students gain 21st century skills. Maker Faire is full of education information and resources, and check out our high-tech education sessions (we recommend advance sign-up [schedule is pending at this time] ).
  • UAV: short for “unmanned aerial vehicle”, this is the code word for drones, quadcopters, multirotors and such. Exciting, controversial, high tech, useful, fun…. There will be an indoor “Drone Zone” where you can see real UAVs in action, so if you ever wanted to learn about this tech craze in person, this is the place!
  • Urban Gardening: another area where tech and Making are having a big impact.
  • Vehicles: inventions and creations that move on the ground and water — there’s a high-tech wave of invention happening here too.
  • Young Makers: these outstanding Makers are 18 or younger and provide abundant proof that hands-on real-world projects amplify the impact of STEM education and build the skills that will lead in the 21st century.

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Are You Ready For This?

20141101_0128_cc_1000_IMakers and their interesting exhibits are the fuel for this amazing event. We’re excited to say many new and amazing Makers have registered to exhibit at Houston Mini Maker Faire — but Hall B3 at the GRB Convention Center is HUGE so we still have room for you to show your creation! We’ve put together a full info guide to tell you everything you need to know about participating in our event — so click here to check it out and keep working on finishing your project. There are 3 weeks left in the “Call to Makers” for the Houston Mini Maker Faire, so please register by October 16th. (And, if you just want to attend to soak in all the creative energy and inspiration, you can purchase tickets now at great discounts!)