Maker Intro #2: Benjamin King’s Home-Built Hovercraft


At Maker Faire so we take an innovative perspective on modes of transportation. Others talk about planes, trains and automobiles — but how about large-scale quadcopters, personal hovercraft and solar-powered vehicles?! 

Our next inspirational project in this series is Benjamin King’s “Phoenix” home-built hovercraft! Check out the photo (above) and video, and then come to Houston Mini Maker Faire and talk to Benjamin about how he builds these fantastic projects — and see one up close. There’s a lot of info on his website, but you’ll learn even more by speaking with Benjamin in person!

Maker Intro #1: Peter McCloud and “Goliath”

Peter McCloud will exhibit “Goliath“, a large-scale gas-powered quadcopter prototype that’s a semifinalist for The Hackaday Prize. “The design is based on a single central gas engine with a belt drive providing power to the four propellers. Control is done using control vanes…. Each propeller is enclosed within a duct…. Goliath itself will be open source with the creative commons license”. See it and talk to Peter at the Houston Mini Maker Faire!


Maker Meet-Up #1 @ CMH 9/25


Maker Meet-Up #1 will be at Children’s Museum of Houston starting at 7 pm on Thursday 9/25. This meeting is to build community and share information about plans and arrangements for the Houston Mini Maker Faire 2014. Please attend if you’re already registered as a maker, volunteer or vendor, or thinking about it. We’ll focus most of the information into 1 hour (7-8 pm), but will have time available for your Q&A. The Children’s Museum is located at 1500 Binz St. and attendance is free. Check-in at the CMH front desk for directions to the Maker Meet-Up conference room.

Our thanks to the Children’s Museum of Houston (a Houston Mini Maker Faire sponsor) for hosting this meeting!

We’re “Launching” The New HMMF Graphic



Here’s the graphic we’ve selected to use as the logo for the Houston (Mini) Maker Faire going forward. It’s designed to convey the tremendous engineering achievement and innovative potential of the Greater Houston Area! We hope it inspires all the Makers, inventors, creatives and innovators — and those wanting to jump into the Maker Movement — in our special corner of the world….

We Need You!

One of the best ways to maximize your Maker Faire experience is to volunteer. All of the main volunteer needs are now listed on the Volunteer page — please check it out let us know how you can help us deliver an unforgettable event!

Action Items

Thanks for checking into the Houston Mini Maker Faire! This is an amazing family-friendly event that is informative and inspirational to both newcomers and repeat-attenders. We encourage you to act now:

  • Attend: you can purchase tickets online now
  • Participate: register now to be a maker and exhibitor at the event
  • Volunteer: many volunteers are needed — and get some great benefits too!
  • Sponsor: your funding will help us spread the inspiration of the Maker Movement throughout the Greater Houston Area

Planning A Bigger Better Maker Faire

The HMMF team has been busy planning a bigger better Maker Faire for you! We’ve added 5,000 square feet of inside exhibition space, and will re0rganize the main hall to accommodate even more makers with better sight lines for attendees and exhibitors.

And, given the excellent weather we’re expecting in the early-Fall timing of our event, we’re arranging for more outdoor exhibits and activities. Plus, we’re inviting a great variety of Houston’s best food trucks back to provide outstanding choices for dining and snacking. (Please go to our Facebook page and tell us which food trucks we should include in the arrangements, and we’ll do our best to get them there.)

Please share any ideas and suggestions that will help us make HMMF 2014 a can’t-miss memorable event for all active and aspiring makers throughout Houston!


Thanks for Visiting Us at Comicpalooza

Thanks to everyone who visited the Maker Exhibition at Comicpalooza over Memorial Day weekend! We enjoyed your interest and attention, and hope you learned what a great event we have planned for you at the Houston Mini Maker Faire (HMMF) in November. “We Are All Makers” — and you can be one too! And special thanks to all the maker-exhibitors — you really put on a great show (and tell)! Shown here is Kara Hagen (one of the leaders in Innovation Spark, the producers of HMMF2014) with the biggest fan of Maker Faire in Houston — the Minecraft(tm) Creeper robot by Techno Chaos.

Photo collections and videos:


Call to Makers Now Open

Ok all you Makers in the Greater Houston Area — now’s the time to stand and be counted! We want to see your amazing inventive unique creations and projects — finished or not — and to give you the opportunity to share those creations with all of Houston. The price is right — there’s no charge for a booth to exhibit only — so register now to get into this excellent event.

Houston — We Have Lift-Off!

Yee-haw!!! We are pleased to announce that the 2014 Houston Mini Maker Faire will happen on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at the Stafford Centre. The same great location as 2013, but we will have more space and are bustin’ out with ideas and plans to have an even better event to celebrate making here in our amazing metropolis.

Please join us as a participant, attendee or volunteer. Get your tickets now — we’re offering great advance discounts. And if you’re at Comicpalooza over Memorial Day weekend, come by and visit us at the Innovation Spark booth in Hall C. Look around our booth — you’ll see a “Launchpad” for Houston-area making in 2014 as large makerspaces and exhibitors are there to get you inspired and connected to supporting resources. Let’s get the stampede started and make this a “Summer of Making” here in Houston, with the goal of showing all of our inventive creations at our local Maker Faire in the Fall. What (new) skills will you learn, and what will you make?

And yes — we’d love to talk with you about sponsorship opportunities!